West Flowing Rivers of The Peninsular India

  • The west flowing rivers of the Peninsular India are fewer and smaller as compared to their east flowing counterparts.

  • The two major west flowing rivers are the Narmada and the Tapi.

  • The Sabarmati, Mahi and Luni are other rivers of the Peninsular India which flow westwards.

Important West Flowing Peninsular Rivers in India

West flowing rivers in India map Narmada

  • Also known as Rewa River

  • Origin: Maikala range near Amarkantak in Madhya Pradesh

  • largest west flowing river of the peninsular India.

  • Flow Route: Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh having an area.

  • Only tributary: Hiran River.

  • Major Hydro Power Project: Sardar Sarovar Dam, Maheshwar Dam and Indira Gandhi Sagar Dam

Tapti river (Tapi)

  • Origin: Multai reserve forest in Madhya Pradesh

  • Flow Route: Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat.

  • Tributaries: The Suki, the Gomai, the Arunavati, the Vaghur, the Amravati, the Purna, the Mona and the Sipna.

  • Famous projects: Kakrapar Dam & Ukai Dam (Gujarat) and Girna Dam and Dahigam Weir of Girna Project (Maharashtra)


  • Origin: Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh.

  • Flow route: through MP, Rajasthan & Gujrat & drains in Gulf of Cambay.

  • Hydro Power stations: Mahi Bajaj Sagar dam and at Kadana Dam.

Sabarmati River

  • Combination of two streams the Sabar and Hathmati.

  • Flow route: Rajasthan and Gujarat.

  • Origin: Near Tepur in Udaipur district of Rajasthan.

  • Tributaries: the Wakal, the Hathmati, the Vatrak and the Sei.

  • Major Projects: Sabarmati reservoir (Dharoi), Hathmati reservoir and Meshwo reservoir project.


  • Desertic river, also known as the Sagarmati

  • Origins: western slopes of the Aravalli ranges near Ajmer.


  • Rises in the Satpura Range of Betul in MP.

  • Narmada’s longest tributary


  • Rises from Western Ghats in Kerala

  • Flows towards west & drains in Arabian Sea via an estuary

Sharavati river

  • The Sharavati is another important river in Karnataka flowing towards the west.

  • The Sharavati originates in Shimoga district of Karnataka and drains a catchment area of 2,209 sq. km.

  • The Jog or Gersoppa Falls (289 m) made by the Sharavati river is the most famous waterfall of India.

EstuaryEstuary image

  • An estuary is a partially enclosed body of water along the coast where freshwater from rivers and streams meets and mixes with salt water from the ocean.

  • Estuaries and the lands surrounding them are places of transition from land to sea and freshwater to salt water.

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