Sayyid Dynasty (1414-50 AD) : Khizr Khan to Alam shah

sayyid dynastyKhizr Khan (1414-1421)

  • He founded the Sayyid dynasty and claimed to have descended from the prophet of Islam.

  • Before his departure from India, Timur appointed Khizr Khan as governor of Multan.

  • Captured Delhi and founded the Sayyid dynasty in 1414.

  • Tried to consolidate the Delhi Sultanate but in vain.

  • Coins were struck and Khutba was read in the name of Timur.

  • Died in 1421 and was succeeded by his son, Mubarak Shah.

Mubarak Shah (1421-1434)

  • Succeeded Khizr at the throne after his successful expeditions against Mewatis, Katehars and the Gangetic Doab area.
  • He was killed by the nobles in his own court.

Muhammad Shah (1434-1443)

  • Nobles put Muhammad Shah on the throne, but could not survive long time.
  • He was authorized to rule a meager area of around 30 miles & rest of the Sultanate was ruled by the nobles.

Alam Shah (1443-1451)

  • Last Sayyid king descended in favour of Bahlol Lodhi and himself retired.
  • Thus began the Lodhi dynasty, which confined to Delhi and a few surrounding areas.

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