Lodi Dynasty (1451- 1526) : Bahulal Lodi to Ibrahim Lodi

Lodi Dynasty

  • First Afghan dynasty of India.

  • Also known as Pathans sultans

Bahlul Lodi (1451 – 1488)

  • One of the Afghan sardars who established himself in Punjab after invasion of Timur
  • Founded of Lodhi dynasty.
  • He tried to restore the glory of Delhi by conquering territories around Delhi.
  • Extending his authority over Jaunpur, Rewail, Itawah, Mewar, Sambhal, Gwalior etc.
  • Though he was himself illiterate, he extended his patronage to art and learning.

Sikandar Lodi (1488 – 1517)

  • Real name was Nizam Khan.

  • In 1504, he founded the city of Agra and made it his capital.

  • Set up an efficient spying system and introduced the system of auditing of accounts.

  • Took care of department of Justice and department of agriculture.

  • He was a poet himself and wrote verses in Persian under the pen-name of Gulrukhi.

  • He also repaired Qutab Minar.

  • He was a fanatical Muslim and he broke the sacred images of the Jwalamukhi Temple at Naga Kot and ordered the temples of Mathura to be destroyed.
  • Introduced the Gaz-i-Sikandari (Sikandar’s yard) of 32 digits for measuring cultivated fields.
  • Staunch Sunni and a Muslim fanatic & lacked religious tolerance.

Ibrahim lodiIbrahim Lodi (1517 – 1526)

  • Last king of Lodhi dynasty & the last Sultan of Delhi

  • At last Daulat Kan Lodhi, the governor of Punab invited Babur to overthrow Ibrahim Lodhi. Babur accepted the offer and inflicated a crushing defeat on Ibrahim Lodhi .
  • Defeated & killed by Babur in the first battle of Panipat in 1526.

  • He was the only Sultan who had killed in battle.

Causes of Decline of Delhi Sultnate :

  • Defective military organization
  • Degeneration of Delhi Sultans
  • Deposit and military type of government which did not have the confidence of the people
  • Financial crisis
  • Greed and unfitness of nobles
  • Number of slaves increased to 1,80,000 in Firoz Tughlaq’s time which was a burden on the treasury
  • Enormousness of empire and poor means of communication
  • War of succession as there was no fixed law of it
  • Invasion of Timur and Babur.

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