Diamond reserves in India


  • known for its brilliance, luster, transparency and hardness.diamond

  • found in the Vindhyan formations of Bundelkhand, (M.P.), Andhra Pradesh (Anantapur), and

  • Karnataka (Raichur).

  • Panna District of Madhya Pradesh is the main diamond producing district in India.

  • Cutting and polishing of diamond is mainly carried on in Surat, Ahmedabad, Navasari,

  • Palanpur, Bhavnagar, Mumbai, Khambat, Jaipur, Trichur, and Goa.

Diamond reservesAjabgarh Series:

  • Lying in the Rajasthan state, the Ajabgarh Series belongs to the Cuddapah and Lower Vindhyan group.

  • rich in biotite-schist, quatzites, and impure limestonnes. It has inferior quality of iron ore, manganese, asbestos, slate, marble, and jasper.

Bhander Series:

  • Belongs to the Vindhyan formation.

  • The main rocks in the Bhander Series are sandstone, shale and limestone.

  • Provides good quality of building material besides diamond mines.

  • The diamond from the Bhander series are sent to Surat and Jaipur for polishing and finishing.

Bijwara Series:

  • It occupies parts of Chhatarpur and Panna districts of Madhya Pradesh.

  • It is composed of sandstone, quartzite and limestone. It has basaltic intrusions whose dykes are

  • rich in diamonds.

  • The Panna diamond is famous all over the world for its transparency, brilliance, and hardness.

Rialo Series:

  • Stretches from Delhi to Alwar.

  • It belongs to the Archaean and Dharwarian groups.

  • The famous marbles of Makrana, Rajnagar, and Bhagwanpura belong to this series.

  • Limestone, marble, quartzite, and building material are the main minerals found in this series.Diamond

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