Development of Literature during the Mughal Period

Development of Literature during the Mughal Period

Babur and Humauan were lovers of literature.


  • He was a great scholar of Persian.
  • He wrote a book known as Tuzek-e-Babari which is highly esteemed by the Turkish Literature.


  • He got the treatise translated into Arabic.
  • He too was a lover of learning and had established a big Library.
  • Humayun Nama, tops the books written in his times.


  • ‘Akbar Nama’, Sur Sagar, Ram Charitamanas are prominent among the books written during his time.
  • Malik Muhammad Jayasis Padmavat and Keshav’s Ram Chandrika were also written during the same period.


  • He greatly patronized literature.
  • He too was a scholar of a high caliber and wrote his life story.

Shah Jahan

  • Well known scholar named Abdul Hameed Lahori.
  • He wrote “Badshah Nama”.


  • The literary activities suffered during his time.
  • Urdu literature started developing during the last days of the Mughal emperor.
  • This credit goes to Sir Sayyid Ahmed Khan and Mirza Galib.
  • The language of Sir Sayyid Ahmed Khan was very simple and impressive.
  • His compositions inspired the other urdu writer Mirza Galib, who was a famous poet of his time.
  • He made an important contribution to uplift Urdu poetry.

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