Deccan School of Painting

Ahmednagar school of Painting

  • Female appearing in the painting belongs to the northern tradition of malwa.
  • choli (bodice) & long pigtails braided & ending in a tassel are the northern costume.
  • Colors used are rich and brilliant
  • Persian influence – high horizon, gold sky and the landscape.

Bijapur school of Painting

  • ladies – tall and slender and are wearing the south Indian dress.
  • Rich color scheme, the palm trees, animals and men and women all belongs to the deccani tradition.
  • Profuse use of gold color
  • Some flowering plants and arabesques on the top of the throne are derived from the Persian tradition.An_early_example_of_Bijapur_miniature_painting

Golconda school of Painting

  • “lady with the myna bird”, about 1605
  • Colors are rich and brilliant
  • Continued long after the extinction of the Deccan sultanates of Ahmednagar, Bijapur & of painting

Hyderabad school of Painting

  • Belongs to the third quarter of the 18th century.
  • Introduced by several mughal painters who migrated to the deccan during the period of aurangzeb and sought patronage there.
  • Distinctive features: treatment of the ethnic types, costumes, jewellery, flora, fauna, landscape and colors.
  • Typical characteristics: rich colors, the deccani facial types and costumesHyderabad_Dancers

Tanjore school of Painting

  • Developed by Chola rulers
  • works on cloth stretched over wood
  • Mostly glass paintings
  • Style of painting: bold drawing, techniques of shading and the use of pure and brilliant colors
  • Flourished during the late 18th and 19th centuries.
  • Style is decorative and is marked by the use of bright colors and ornamental details.
  • Conical crown: a typical feature of the Tanjore painting.tanjore

Mysore school of Painting

  • More subtle & done on paper, while the tanjore works on cloth stretched over wood.
  • Deal mostly with sacred icons painted for devotional purposes.
  • Theatrical framing of the iconic paintings should be particularly noted.

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