Chromite, tungsten, lead & zinc distribution in india


  • It is an oxide of iron and chromium and used in metallurgical and chemical industries.

  • Orissa, accounting for about 99 per cent of the total production, is the largest producer of chromite mined in cuttack, dhenkanal and keonjhar districts.

  • Karnataka is the second largest producer mined in hassan district. Some chromite has been discovered in the krishna district of andhra pradesh and the tamenglong and ukhrul districts of manipur.


  • It used in alloys, cable cover, lead-sheeting, ammunition, paints, glass making, paints making,

  • Automobiles, aeroplanes, type-writers, calculating machines, printing and rubber indus-try.

  • It also used because of its heaviness, malleability, softness and bad conductivity of heat.

  • It is obtained from galena which is found in association with limestone, sandstones and calcareous slates.

  • Rajasthan is the leading producer of lead.

  • It is mined in udaipur (zawar, rikhabdeo, and debari), dungarpur (ghugra and mando), banswara, and alwar districts.


  • It is found in association with lead and silver.

  • It is used for alloying and for manufacturing galvanised sheets.

  • Also used for dry-batteries, white pigments, electrodes, textiles, die-casting, rubber industry,

  • And for making collapsible tubes containing drugs, and pastes.

  • Rajasthan is the leading producer of zinc accounting for about 99 per cent of the total

  • Production.

  • India imports about 80 per cent of its requirements from australia, canada, russia, and zaire.


  • It obtained from the wolfram ore.

  • It is a self hardening mineral and therefore, used in steel industry, manufacturing of ammunition, armour plates, heavy guns, hard-cutting tools, etc.

  • It is found at degana near rawat hills in rajasthan, bankura district of west bengal, sakoli basin in bhandara and nagpur districts of maharashtra, and kolar mines in mysore.

  • Also found in chittoor, and east godavari district of andhra pradesh, ahmedabad district of gujarat, and singhbhum district of jharkhand.

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