Chalukyas (543 – 755 A.D.) of Badami

  • In 535 Pulikeshin I founded a small kingdom with the Capital at Vatapipura (Modern Badami).

  • They were Kannada Orgin.

chalukyasPulakesin II (608-642 A.D.)

  • Most important ruler of this dynasty.

  • His achievement was the defeat of Harshavardhana on the banks of the river Narmada.

  • Kirtivarman II was the last of the rulers of the Chalukyas.

  • He was defeated by Dantidurga, the founder of the Rashtrakuta dynasty.

There were two more Chalukya dynasties :

1.Eastern Chalukyas was founded by Pulakesin ll’s brother, Kubja Vishnuvardhana with its capital Vengi.

2.Western Chalukyas was founded by Tailapa II with its Capital Kalyani.

Administration and Social life:

  • Administration was highly centralized unlike that of the Pallavas and the Cholas.

  • Village autonomy was absent under the Chalukyas.

  • They had a great maritime power. Pulakesin II had 100 ships in his navy.

  • Pulakesin I performed the asvamedha sacrifice.

  • Ravikirti, the court poet of Pulakesin II who composed the Aihole inscription.

Art and Architecture

  • Developed the vesara style in the building of structural temples.

  • The structural temples of the Chalukyas exist at Aihole, Badami and Pattadakal.

  • The best specimens of Chalukya paintings can be seen in the Badami cave temple & in the Ajanta caves.

Chalukyan temples divided into 2 stages:

First stage:

  • Represented by the temples at Aihole and Badami.

  • Among the 70 temples found at Aihole, 4 are important.

  1. Durga temple resembles a Buddha Chaitya.
  2. Huchimalligudi temple.
  3. Jain temple at Meguti.
  4. Ladh Khan temple is a low, flat-roofed structure consisting of a pillared hall.

chalukyasSecond stage:

  • Represented by the temples at Pattadakal.

  • 10 temples are here, 4 in northern & 6 in Dravidian style.

  • Papanatha temple is the most notable in the northern style.

  • Virupaksha temple is built on the model of the Kailasanatha temple at Kanchipuram.

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