Bauxite – Distribution and production in India

Bauxite – Distribution and production in IndiaBauxite in India

  • Bauxite is a non-ferrous metallic mineral. It is the ore from which aluminium metal is produced.

  • India’s reserves of bauxite are sufficient to keep the country self-reliant.

  • Aluminium extracted from the ore is used in making aeroplanes, electrical appliances and goods, household fittings, utensils etc.

  • Bauxite is also used for manufacturing of white colour cement and certain chemicals.

  • India’s reserves of bauxite of all grades have been estimated at 3290 million tonnes.

Distribution and production of bauxite


  • Orissa stands first in the production of bauxite, producing more than 50 % of the total bauxite.

  • The Kalahandi-Koraput belt which extends into Andhra Pradesh is the main bauxite deposit region.

  • In addition to this, bauxite is also obtained from the districts of Bolangir, Sambalpur and Sundargarh.

  • The new aluminium plant located at Damanjoli and Doragurha provide a good market for bauxite in this region.


  • About 16 % of the total bauxite production is from the state of Gujarat.

  • In Gujarat, the main bauxite depsoits are found between the Gulf of Kachchh and the Gulf of Khambat (Arabian Sea) through the districts of Bhavnagar, Junagarh, and Amreli.

  • It is mined in Kheda and Sabarkantha.


  • Jharkhand accounts for 13 percent of India’s total reserves and 37 percent of the country’s total production.

  • The important deposits are located in Palamau, Ranchi and Lohardaga districts.

  • The Lohardaga mines are, however, known for high grade bauxite deposits.


  • About 10 % of the total bauxite production comes from Maharashtra.

  • Kolhapur, Pune, Ratnagiri, Satara, and Thane are its main producing centres.


  • In Chhattisgarh, bauxite is obtained from the Maikal Range, Amarkantak Plateau, Bilaspur, Raigarh, and Surguja.

  • Its share in the total production is about 6 %.

Tamil Nadu:

  • The Madurai, Nilgiri and Salem districts are known for the production of bauxite accounting for about 2.75 % of the total production

Madhya Pradesh:

  • In Madhya Pradesh, bauxite is mined in the districts of Balaghat, Jabalpur, Katni, Mandla, and Shandol.

Export of Bauxite:

  • The leading importer of Indian bauxite is Italy, followed by the U.K., West Germany and Japan.

  • Nearly 80 % of the total bauxite produced is used for the production of aluminium. Italy and UK are the largest importers of Indian bauxite accounting for 60 % and 25 % of the total export respectively.

  • The remaining is exported to Germany, Belgium, and Japan.

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